Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Last week was a busy one at our house.  We added a "new" pickup to the vehicle line-up.  It may deserve a post of its own one day.  It is a '90's Nissan...Needs some work, as you can see.  Nathan is really into it, he calls it the little pickup.
Fixing the blinkers

Trying to get inside

"Clean up, clean up, clean up" is his song...Literally.

Cozy-couping it
My parents were in town this weekend to babysit.  They cooked, cleaned, and, of course, helped with the boys - I love it when they come!  They had been looking for one of these tag along bike trailers and found one that is like-new for $30.  They took Nathan for several rides a day - he loved it!

This is what Wade has been up to.


Heather Feather said...

Such busy boys!. Tell Trace I like the "new" truck, it kind of reminds me of the one he had in high school/college except one was black and the other purple.

Sweet Simplicity said...

My dad had a nissan just like that. My brother, Brett, has it now. My dad loved that thing.

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