Friday, September 3, 2010

Big Boy Bed

With the arrival of baby number two, we had to decide what to do about sleeping arrangements...Nathan loves his crib, but has started trying to crawl out, with one successful attempt thus far.  Wade will be in our room for awhile, but something had to be figured out. 

I really did not want to purchase another crib, so we started looking at toddler beds.  We found one we liked that was low to the ground and had good reviews.  We thought about ordering it, then Trace, my uber-talented husband, decided he could build one.  The result is so cute, and while Nathan is still not really ready, we have it in the room, and he is interested in it, so that is a start!

Trace in the workshop.
Nathan moving a large plank of wood - if you look close you can see his bulging muscles on the Popeye shirt!
Working it with the nail gun.
Wade testing it out in the living room.
Nathan's first peek at the finished product.
In the room - we still need to do some rearranging, I will post pics of the full room when we figure it out.

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Sweet Simplicity said...

Trace did an amazing job! I love the stain you all chose.

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