Monday, May 31, 2010

South Carolina, part two

The black things are dolphins!!

I am not sure what these birds are, but they were so funny chasing the waves out, they must have been looking for something to eat.

Nathan enjoyed pushing his stroller on the wet sand.

At the pool!

Our family

The state park beach and its many palm trees.

Big boy

Pops and Nathan

A little park that had a slide that was just Nathan's size, he LOVED it!

The Charleston Aquarium

Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War took place.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When Mommy is Away...

the boys go skinny dipping! Well, Nathan does, I believe Trace reamined clothed...

Trace said the water was cold, but that the little guy enjoyed his first dip in the buff!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

South Carolina, part one

We have been home for one week now, so it was high time I did a post...Here is Nathan getting ready, he loves this little cooler!

At a stop along the way, there were many between me and Nathan, we stopped every 2-3 hours.
We stopped at my Granny's house and Nathan got to meet his great Granny for the first time, he took right to her and they had fun the short time we were there.

At a rest stop in Georgia...We stopped for a picnic lunch with goodies my Granny packed up - NAthan had fun playing with sticks and stretching his legs.

The place we went is called Edisto Island, the drive was long, but beautiful. When you get near the island, there is a big bridge to take you over the start of the waterway then there are huge trees that basically cover the roadways, it is so neat. There is spanish moss hanging from the trees and it is just beautiful. I did not get a picture, but wish I had.
Here is the pool from our balcony, I spent a good deal of time here.

Inside the condo - three stories, which was neat. I got so tired of the stairs though! Nathan stayed with us every night and the king bed was all the way at the top.

The living room/kitchen area.

From the outside.

I LOVE this picture, the sky is so pretty and the ocean background. My guys are the cutest!

Stay tuned, more to come in a couple of days!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Eighteen Months

Saturday officially welcomed Nathan into eighteen-monthhood. I cannot believe that our little boy has reached this milestone!

With it has arrived major independence and attitude. He is still a precious. wonderfully behaved child, but we have some new quirks.

He loves to say "No!" and "I want down!". He understands much of what we say and will follow some directions and willfully ignore others.

We went for the 18 month check today and stats were as follows:

  • 33" long
  • 24.5 lbs
  • 16 teeth

The good doctor said it is time to ditch the pacifier which he has affectionately named "Bobbi" and calls for with great gusto. We plan to work on this before the new one arrives, wish us luck!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Morning at the Park

Nathan and I headed to the park this morning for a walk and some playtime. The weather was beautiful and I snapped a few pictures of the little guy.

Swinging, not so sure about these...He is still a little too small because he kept sliding and pressing against the chain, I am not even sure if I had him in there properly.

At the bridge, he was eyeing the water like he was reading to play in the little stream...

At the slide, it was still wet with dew, so he did not slide down, but he sure let me know he wanted to.

Behind the slide is a little fort type thing, my little explorer was checking it out.

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