Sunday, September 14, 2008

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

I have had a few requests for pictures of the expanding waistline, so after church today I had my baby daddy take one.

Forgive the hair, it is really windy here. I also haven't seen much of the sun this summer. We are 31 weeks along or 9 more weeks until he arrives, in case gestation math isn't your strong point. I am seeing the doctor every two weeks now. We also started our childbirth classes last week, which did freak me out a little bit.

In case you missed the ultrasound pics, here is one of Nathan in profile. We would have loved to have a 3D/4D one, but they are pricey.

To switch gears, we had a loss our animal kingdom this past week...Eugene succumbed to the car, I hit him, we think, and he is no longer. It is tough living at our house, but we did add a new addition. This is Fungi, a kitty I saved from certain death. He has lived at the clinic for about 4 months, and I cannot bear for him to go to someone else's home, plus Trace said we could have him! He is currently being tortured by Virgil and Wyatt, but seems to be handling it well.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah's Random Facts

My sister-in-law, Lindsey, is a pro at the blogging...She updates frequently and has a very chic blog. I think she "nominated" me for revealing six random facts...Here goes:

1. I love J. Crew...I wish they made maternity clothing. When a new catalog arrives, I lust after items on each page. Hopefully, my post-pregnancy body will return to my pre-pregnancy body and I can continue to wear their items.
2. I also love cake stands. I have five currently, which isn't that many, really. Trace cannot stand them, they take up space, of which we have little. I feel that nothing makes presentation prettier than a simple stand. I tell myself that I will be satisfied once I add a jadite green milk glass stand to the collection.

3. I am currently obsessed with baby things, for obvious reasons. Multiple times a day, whenever I get a break at work, I am online looking at clothing, accessories, or any baby related things.
4. I love to take baths. This has been put on hold over the past seven months so as not to overheat the kid.
5. The library is one of my favorite places. The Lawton public can be scary, but it is almost a weekly visit for me. I check out cookbooks, craft books, and general reading material.
6. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is my all time favorite movie...Well, may be tied with Steel Magnolias.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I love to plant flowers, usually they do not survive due to neglect, as my husband will tell you. But this is one that has thrived despite my less than regular watering. My mother has always called it a moonflower, but it is similar to a plant called Angel's Trumpet. This is picture from earlier this summer when it was beautiful. It took a break during the heat of August, but has started blooming again now. It is super-hardy and is a prolific bloomer, although the blooms only last one day. If anyone is interested in seeds, please let me know and I will gladly collect and mail them.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Farm Living

Our "farm" does not produce much in the way of agricultural products, we get two calves a year from our cows and that is farm income. Mostly, the farm creates more work for Trace and sometimes me, and endless enjoyment for the four legged critters. Tonight, Trace is diligently working on the grid for a sidewalk. Here he is in action...
Now here are some candids of the animals in action...
This is Virgil, the sweetest and, most of the time, best behaved one of the bunch.

Here is little 11 lb Wyatt challenging the 600 lb steer...Wyatt has discovered he loves cattle cubes, he will growl and try to bite the steer in order to get some of his goodies. Trace and I think Wyatt has a death wish. Thankfully, the steer is not bothered by him too much.

Meyer is below in all his glory. He has been aound the longest, and it my favorite. There are two more cats running around, but I could not find them tonight.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Hoping everyone has enjoyed their Labor Day. Trace and I would have loved to lounge around and maybe go to the lake, just enjoy the rare day that we have off together with nothing to do...But, alas,there was work to do as always. The baby is t-minus 11 weeks and counting until EDD (expected due date) and the nursery is far from ready. So, on my list of things to do included cleaning and organizing. Oh, the name is going to be Nathan Hayes...It was actually already decided, but congratulations to all those who correctly picked! So here is a picture of what I had to start with this morning, sadly, this is improved from about a month ago.

Scary! But after half a day of "hard" work, I made a large dent and now we have...

Ta da!!! It may not look like much, but I am proud of the progress.

In addition to the cleaning, the day involved yard work, looking over resumes for the clinic, and treating a little Pom named Miley Mae who we did a c-section on last week and hasn't eaten since...Little Miley got to come home with me today and is hanging out in the laundry room right now, but is much better than earlier. So, hopefully everyone's Labor day was as fruitful as you desired. Trace and I can will work on updating more frequently than once every two weeks.

I will sign off with a pic of Wyatt, isn't he adorable! He has had a hard day too...

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