Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Happy 2012!

Not too much going on around here besides my obsession with Pinterest.  I think I made ten recipes in the last week...My kitchen aid mixer has gotten a workout!

Winners include the following:
green monster smoothie
This is really, really good!  Nathan and I are enjoying one right now.

creamy lemon crumb squares 
I think I ate three-quarters of the pan myself!

homemade marshmallows
Really interesting!  Makes a lot, and they are very big.

PW's taco salad pizza
Even the leftovers were yummy, which I did not think they would be.

baked chicken fajitas

beef stew in the slow cooker
I did not have some of the ingredients, and some of my family
(Trace) does not like peas, so I switched for green beans.  The foil packed thing was weird too.  

chicken enchiladas  number one
Very rich recipe, but really good.

chicken enchilada number two
I liked this one a lot, Trace liked the above one better.

I wish I could post all the workouts I have been doing, but, sadly, I haven't tried those out yet...

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