Monday, March 12, 2012

New 'do!

The boys were a little shaggy, so Trace dusted off the clippers and gave them a trim yesterday.  Nathan's wasn't near as bad a Wade's, so his before and afters are not quite as noticeable.  Wade looks so different.

His reward!
Wade had to start out with his reward.
He was so ticklish when Trace would start to clip, it was adorable!
Then he had to move to brother's reward...Nothing like a giant lollipop covered in hair!

My big boy!

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Park

We have had some amazing weather here lately and I have been taking full advantage with trips to the park and picnic lunches.  The closest park is nice, but has lots of old (dangerous) equipment.  But the boys love it, so I try to relax and let them loose!  On Monday we met out friend M and Mrs. Linda for lunch and playtime...We had a blast!!

Scary, tall slide that Nathan loves!

Little brother thinks he needs to experience it himself!
This looks blurry now that it is on here, and I wish it didn't.
 All three boys were in the tunnel.  I love M peering through!

Teeter-totter or see-saw?
They would slide down together!

M would try to hang on at the top, then end up all twisted at the bottom.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wolf Man

Nathan has latched onto a stuffed wolf the past two weeks, Wolfie.  He has been very interested in wolves for a while.  His Ganne and Pops picked Wolfie up in California almost a year ago, but he had not given much attention to it until recently.  I would not go so far as to say this has replaced his beloved monkey blanket, but it is pretty close.  He takes it almost everywhere, and has even asked to bathe with it!

He also has had this really cute plush veterinary kit and he has started providing medical care to his baby Wolfie - giving him shots and medicine.  I will have to get some photographs of this special treatment!!  On Saturday, he put on a few of my necklaces and so reminded Trace and I of a medicine man!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Houston, We Have a Problem...

Sorry, I could not resist the title!  

This may be the longest post I have ever written, but the story is something I want to remember. 

We are about a month post-Houston, so it it about time for a report.  We had a very much anticipated trip to Houston planned for the first weekend in February for my cousin's wedding and to visit Trace's sister and her husband.  Heather and Jesse graciously hosted us for the weekend, which was wonderful of them to do considering they live in a two bedroom apartment.  Four adults and two little boys makes for a full house!  

We arrived Friday evening, a little later than planned (about 10pm) and, of course, the boys were pretty amped up, so we did not go to bed until quite late.   The plan was to explore Ikea on Saturday morning before heading back to the apartment for lunch and a rest for the boys before the wedding Saturday afternoon.  We enjoyed Ikea, picked up a really neat art item for Nathan, had some ice cream, and headed back.  Back at the apartment, we had some lunch and were all gussied up for the wedding when the problem arose.  The car key had disappeared...Apparently vanished into thin air.  A majorly stressful event because we had no spare and were far from home.  We searched outside, inside, in neighbors bushes, and everywhere we could possible think of to no avail.  

We called a locksmith to come just in case they had somehow been locked in the car.  I borrowed my wonderful SIL's car and left for the wedding, catching the last 15 minutes of the ceremony (which was lovely).  Enjoyed the reception (great food, wonderful to see my family) by myself and returned to H and J's with to the news that, no, the key was not in the car.  New plan was to have this person come out and attempt to make a new key.  Said person would arrive between the hours of 8 and 10 pm, which sounded so shady to me, to fabricate a key for us.  Not ideal, but better that any other alternatives we could think of.  About 9 pm, the lady calls and days she will be arriving shortly, so Trace and Jesse head outside to meet her while Heather, the boys, and I get ready for bed.  

I wake up at 12 am to no Trace in the bed.  I nervously get up to see if he is on the couch, and he isn't.  I call his phone and there is no answer.  Getting really nervous now, I bundle up and go outside.  Our car is there, Jesse's car is there, but not Heather's.  I call Trace's phone again, leaving a panicky message.  Then text Jesse.  Turns out the woman, who was not shady at all, could not make a key to start the car due to some electronic issue.  So Trace and Jesse decide that the only option is to drive all night to get out spare.

So the quick weekend trip ended up being so much more than planned, but thankfully, their mission went well meaning they traveled to and fro safely.  I was so sorry to have missed most of the wedding, but did enjoy the time I was there.  

Heather, the boys, and I went to the Houston Children's Museum on Sunday which was a really amazing museum.  Heather has some cute pictures of the boys there on her blog.

The few pictures I took are below, Nathan's favorite activity was doing Aunt Heather's hair with a cold curling iron, a brush, and a water sprayer.  While Wade's was trying on her shoes.

Thanks Heather and Jesse for everything!  The only regret I have about the weekend is missing out on House of Pie, maybe next time, if we are invited back!!

Brothers with their blankies in bed.

Mr. Curls-a-lot
Mr. Spray-a-lot

Wade enjoying the superbowl and his tractor.
Watching the half-time show
Strutting his stuff!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recipes, recipes

I have slowed down in my Pinterest cooking craze of last month. Here are  several recipes that I highly recommend trying. No pictures, just the link to the recipe post.

  • lemon brown sugar chicken - Sooooo good.  I am making this tonight, hit for the whole family.  
  • broccoli salad - made for a church function, not much was left and what was I cleaned up while I was cleaning the kitchen later that night.  I decreased the mayo and subbed plain Greek yogurt.
  • 30 minute yeast rolls - made a bunch, 18 good sized rolls, but they were really good.
  • crescent roll-ups - super easy work-night dinner!
  • berry danish minis - these were a little time intense, but yummy.
What have you been making?


Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The Tulsa portion of our Christmas holiday included a trip to my elementary school playground, Nathan LOVES to go here.  All the equipment is newer, and so much cooler than I remember from my days there.   

Wade and Pops

Playgrounds bring the inner child out in everyone!

My sweet Wade's adorable little hand.
The following is a montage of Nathan's activity while at the playground this particular visit.  They has a bunch of little bikes housed in an enclosure.  He rode every single one and lined them up,

A "captured" little brother.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Randoms

I am playing catch-up on posting, so today is a mish-mash of things...

I picked up these amazing oreo cookies today.  

I wonder if the things my boys do are things that only boys do, or if girls do them too.  Wade is such a copy-cat right now, the more dangerous things especially.  Like putting a blanket over your face and walking without seeing where you are going.   

Monday is "jet-water" night.  The boys take a bath in the big tub, this particular night, 
Daddy was a little overzealous with the bubble bath.   

Nathan just looked at this picture and said, "That is too much bubbles, isn't it." 

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