Thursday, August 25, 2011

Party Nibbles

I failed miserably in taking photos of the food, so this is mainly a link post to my tried and true, go-to  finger food.

Finger foods seem to work well for young and old alike.  Sometimes more prep work is required, but I think clean up is easier, which is always a plus for me!

This year I tried two new recipes that were popular and a few old ones that I love.  I did the usual fresh veggie tray, fresh strawberries, and grape clusters.  I wanted to do fruit kebobs and my mom brought some small sandwich picks that we laced with raspberries, kiwi chunks, and mango chunks.  They were so pretty and I am mad at myself for not taking photos.  Some chips and an amazing dip that I altered using roasted hatch chilies instead of jalapenos - that may have been my favorite thing.

For "main" finger foods I made Hawaiian ham and swiss sandwiches, Nigella Lawson's pigs in blankets with mustard dipping sauce, and pimento cheese triangles with my mom's awesome garlicky pimento cheese.  The pigs in blankets were a huge hit and we should have made many more.  The mustard sauce is super delicious.  For N's second, we made bacon wrapped pineapple that I love - it is a highly recommended, and will be seen again at his third birthday this year!

I purchased a small cupcake for W at the bakery in town and made cake pops for everyone else.  Cake pops were not all that successful - they were really more like cake balls with a stick in their side!  I could not get them to stand up without falling apart.  I think I will stick with cake balls if I make them in the future.

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