Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nathan's Wildlife Rehabilation

We don't see too many exotics at the clinic, but a client brought in a hawk of some form today that was having some trouble.  He found in in his dog pen, unable to fly, with no obvious injuries.  Trace contacted the local couple who does bird rehab, but they were full (47 birds!).  After some instructions, Trace decided he would try to help the bird.  He loaded him into a cat carrier, purchased some raw beef to feed him, and brought him home.

I told Nathan that his daddy was going to bring a sick hawk home, but he somehow interpreted that as "hog", so when Trace arrived home with a bird, he was very confused, but excited nonetheless.

"I want to see, I want to see!"

"Where's the hog?"

"He's not going to bite me."

"It's going to be okay, Hawk."

"He has a beak!"

"Can I help feed him?"

The bird is looking much better, the heat seems to be getting to everyone around here!

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Sweet Simplicity said...

I can hear all of those things being said in Nathan's voice. I just love his sweet voice and his complete sentences.

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