Monday, February 22, 2010


I have been in a creative slump since Christmas. I had a couple of recent bursts of energy and did the following. MADE is an awesome craft blog, she is very talented and many of her tutorials are out of my league, but she has a post on easy fabric dying that I had to try. I have always been intimidated by the instructions for dying. Hers are simple, my results were decent, but would probably get better if I did it more often. Nathan had a few shirts that were stained, white and early eaters do not mix well - even with bibs we always end up with stains. I also had a shirt with a stain that would not come out, so the experiment began. I was really pleased with the way his shirts turned out. The photo is odd, but it looks good in person. My shirt did not turn out well, there were large brownish spots mixed in with the grey and I am not sure if it was due to user error (me) or to a reaction to the stain remover I had tried to use, even though it had been washed. This tutorial is very easy, minimal cost, and it worth trying if you already have an time of clothing that may be ruined.

I am all about the homemade baby gifts. Burp cloths are one thing in my arsenal that I feel comfortable making and they were something that I used all the time. In addition to their intended purpose, you can use them for so much more. Nathan was a baby that liked to have something by or over his face when napping, and these were perfect. You can knock four out in a couple of hours. There are a bunch of tutorials out there for different styles - ones like I made below or with the fabric on the bottom. Just search burp cloth tutorial and you will get s bunch of hits. These are for Nathan's current day care provider, she is expecting a boy in about six weeks!

So, that is about it, I have tried some "upcycling" of clothes, but have not been too happy with the results, so I will have to work on that some more before sharing. Have a great Monday!!


Sweet Simplicity said...

I have never made a burp cloth. I need to try it out.

Mendy said...

way to go i wish i could make stuff like that. we love love our burpcloths that you made we use them everyday and have gotten lots of compliments on them. Love the new haircut too!

Amy said...

I HAVE to show you my 90 minute shirt from the MADE blog. It is soooo cool! And I upcycled from a thrift store t-shirt. I'm hooked!

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