Monday, February 15, 2010

15 Months!!

Our boy is fifteen months old today! Time has flown by...He is a busy boy that definitely keeps us on our toes.

  • We went to the doctor today and he is just over 23 lbs, 32" tall.
  • He is 50% for weight and 75% for height.
  • He has 13 teeth!
  • Says: Dada, Uh-oh, diaper, touchdown, cookie, something along the lines of kitty, and on occasion, Mama.

He loves to vacuum!

He drew his first picture at day care!

Loves to eat...

And has definitely entered toddlerhood. The boy is always on the move!


shalyn said...

Too cute! Although I am a little sad that he says diaper frequently but not Mama ; )

Sweet Simplicity said...

I love his curls!

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