Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eight Months

Nathan Hayes has reached the eight month milestone!! The time has flown by, it is hard to believe that he will soon be crawling...Yes, that is right! Eight months has brought a desire to move. He has been rolling like crazy lately, and this past weekend, he started making moves towards the crawling stage. So, in a few weeks, we will likely have a mobile little man!
Other "firsts" over the past month have included a second tooth - they are coming in a little
crooked and are so cute. He has started to like the green veggies more and we have experimented with several fruits. I also found these treats called Baby Mum-Mum that he likes, they are messy, but keep him entertained! He is about 19 lbs, we think, and seems longer by the day. He loves Baby Superstar videos - especially the farmer one. He LOVES to watch Daddy on the tractor and 4-wheeler. And he still loves Wyatt, Virgil, and the other animals.
He is such a wonderfully happy baby, always full of smiles. We continue to be blessed with his health and good nature.

Here are some photos of the new moves.
He was getting ready to close his eyes, so he looks sleepy-eyed in this one, but you can see his two teeth.


Amy said...

Uh-oh... look out, world! Here comes Nathan! His teeth are so cute!

Sweet Simplicity said...

He is changing way too fast! So cute!

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