Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bumbo Beware

I have used the bumbo chair off and on with Nathan, he plays in it pretty well. As he has become more active over the past months, though, he has not liked to just sit in . Today he started doing something funny while sitting in it...I compare it to a pelvic thrust-type movement.


Mrsklaser said...

Everyone I know LOVES and pushes the bumbo chair. Do you & your little boy like the chair? Is it handy to take to families houses and such? I am very curious. I am due in less than 6 weeks and was hoping to get some insight on this product. thanks mama, hes cute!

Amy said...

I laughed aloud when I read that!

Trace and Sarah said...

We like the seat, I would not say loved, but it is handy. We also got the tray attachment, which is nice. It is super light, so it is easy to tote around. Good luck with your baby!

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