Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Randoms

I am playing catch-up on posting, so today is a mish-mash of things...

I picked up these amazing oreo cookies today.  

I wonder if the things my boys do are things that only boys do, or if girls do them too.  Wade is such a copy-cat right now, the more dangerous things especially.  Like putting a blanket over your face and walking without seeing where you are going.   

Monday is "jet-water" night.  The boys take a bath in the big tub, this particular night, 
Daddy was a little overzealous with the bubble bath.   

Nathan just looked at this picture and said, "That is too much bubbles, isn't it." 

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Sweet Simplicity said...

They look like twin in the bathtub! I bet they love getting in there. Have you seen the glow sticks in the bath tub on pinterest? I think that looks like a lot of fun.

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