Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recipes, recipes

I have slowed down in my Pinterest cooking craze of last month. Here are  several recipes that I highly recommend trying. No pictures, just the link to the recipe post.

  • lemon brown sugar chicken - Sooooo good.  I am making this tonight, hit for the whole family.  
  • broccoli salad - made for a church function, not much was left and what was I cleaned up while I was cleaning the kitchen later that night.  I decreased the mayo and subbed plain Greek yogurt.
  • 30 minute yeast rolls - made a bunch, 18 good sized rolls, but they were really good.
  • crescent roll-ups - super easy work-night dinner!
  • berry danish minis - these were a little time intense, but yummy.
What have you been making?


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