Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ten Months

Another month has passed! And with it, our little guy is growing like a weed.

At 10 months he:

-remains a very happy little guy.
-talks all the time (see video).
-is pulling up on anything and everything, but hasn't really taken a step yet.
-still loves dogs, especially Wyatt!
-is eating chunkier foods.
-is going to have a sweet tooth!
-wears 12 mo clothes.
-weighs about 21 lbs.
-has tiny little feet!
-hates going to sleep by himself.


Sweet Simplicity said...

His hair has a reddish tint to it! So cute!

BeBe said...

Am always thrilled to visit your blog and watch your little man grow...makes me homesick for my sweetie!!! Keep up the good work--you're a SUPER mom already!!!!

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