Sunday, September 6, 2009

Breckenridge, part one

Well, we survived!! We had a wonderful, relaxing family vacation and this may take a few posts, but here are a sampling of our adventures.
Breckenridge is beautiful in September, the weather was cool in the morning, but warm during the day.  It was not too busy, mostly families with young children.  We arrived on Saturday night at the Grand Lodge on Peak 7, a new resort.  The room was lovely, I did not take pictures of it, so you just see snippets of the living room and the views from our balcony.

On Sunday, we went to church then off to explore downtown Breckenridge.  The flowers there were absolutely beautiful.  Petunias were very popular and there was a restaurant that had an unbelievable amount out front.
There was a dinosaur sculpture that was a photo op for Nathan in town.
To finish off the day we drove partway up Boreas Pass, beautiful views.

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Amy said...

Beautiful pictures! The flowers are gorgeous!

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