Monday, November 7, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

This is a bit late, but here goes the Halloween overview for this year.  I am going to dress the boys along a theme as long as they allow me to...Last year they were Shrek and Puss 'n Boots. 

This year Nathan has been into Charlotte's Web and I had a spider costume from Nathan's first Halloween already, so on the hunt for a pig costume I went. I shopped ebay and Craigslist and found one for less than $20, "Yeah!", I thought.  So it arrives, well in advance, but it was sooooo small.  It was a 4-5 according to the listing, so I figured it would, if anything, be too large and he could wear clothes under it.  In addition to the 4-5 tag it says, "Fits to 33 inches".  What?  Wade is over 33", Nathan is about 37".  So, I rush upstairs to see if the spider will fit Nathan.  Thankfully it did, as a shirt, which worked.  And the pig fit Wade perfectly. 

This was Nathan's first experience with trick-or-treating and he did very well.  He only went to about eight houses, which was better for me because I do not have the temptation of the candy! 

We also made a trip to the fire station. The boys got a fire hat, a bag, and some candy. They were not too sure about Sparky the fire dog.

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Sweet Simplicity said...

How cute!! I love the families that dress in themes. Maybe this should be your goal for next year. ;)

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