Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cleaning Schedule


With two young ones and working part-time, I feel as though I am always one to many steps behind on the home front.  Often times I feel like my house looks like similar to an episode of Hoarders.  Before Wade arrived, I set in motion a "schedule" to follow on certain days to really clean certain areas.  That schedule fell by the wayside quickly after he arrived, I would try but many times the room of the day did not get touched.

The last two weeks the kids have been sick, causing me to be majorly sleep deprived, so the house most definitely suffered.  Something had to be done...I revised my schedule to include daily room tending to the kitchen and daily laundry.  Friday and Saturday became catch-up days, and I shuffled some of the other days around to what I will hopefully stick to.

Today, I found a Real Simple article on addressing the kitchen I found to be really good info and wanted to share. 


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