Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two Months

Wow, I have been slacking with the blog posts lately...Wade is nine weeks old today, he turned two months on Tuesday!!

Can't really see the sign...Two months!!
 He is growing like a weed.  13 lb 4 oz, 24 3/4 in long.  He is rapidly outgrowing 0-3 mo clothing, mainly due to length. 

He is a happy guy.  He wakes up once to twice a night to eat still, but quickly goes back to sleep.  He was started cooing, smiling, and almost laughing more these past two weeks.  Nathan still loves him!

BTW - this is the same outfit as in the four week post!


Heather Feather said...

What a BIG boy! I can't believe how much he has filled out...he is so precious, can't wait to see Nathan and Wade over Thanksgiving!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Oh sweet Wade! I'm so glad I got to see him for a bit on Sunday. They change so fast.

Sweet Simplicity said...

We got Nathan's invitation in the mail yesterday. Very cute!

Amber said...

How in the world did I not know that you had a blog??? I'm so glad I found it and will be following along! He's such a cutie!

Kay Heritage said...

You have PRECIOUS boys, Sarah! I know you have very little sleep with these little guys, but now that my four children are older, I miss these sweet infant/toddler days! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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