Friday, July 9, 2010

Kicking the Habit...

We are on day three of absolutely no pacifier!!!!!

Nathan is doing great, he did not ask for it at all today - I am amazed at this kid.

I finally got around to reading the handbook for Nathan's new day care he will be starting in August and learned that paci's are banned...We had been talking about really cutting back or totally out for several weeks. His pediatrician said to get it done ASAP, especially before the new baby arrives, so I said on Wednesday that we would try napping without it. He did great, although he slept very little during the day. That night he went to bed later than usual was so tired he did not even ask for it. So we went with it. His babysitter said he asked for it once yesterday and she told him he was a big boy and that he did not need it, and he was fine.
Cold turkey is working for us! Of course, he is really into his blankie now - and we are okay with that (for now).

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