Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little Mr. Clean

OK, we are back from hiatus...No reason for our long absence from the land of blog, but we are back!

I have been obsessed with this toy Dusty the Talking Vacuum. Nathan is very interested in cleaning, he likes the big vacuum, he likes to wipe things, and likes to sweep. The problem was that Dusty was like $45 on some sites, crazy for a plastic toy! I finally found him at Target.com for a much more reasonable price. It was supposed to be part of N's easter basket, but we could not wait (I think I am more into the toy than he it).

He likes Dusty so far, it is super cute and talks and makes noises - he motors all around the living room!

Just before bed, all done with the housework!


Heather Feather said...

I hope this cleaning phase lasts a very long time for your sake :)He is such a big helper.

Jacob and Amy Hall said...

well it has been awhile since we have seen you guys and i just read the good news. Congrats you guys on #2!! very exciting. I love that Nathan loves the vacuum, I might have to get one for Cooper. Hope to see you guys again! Congrats!!

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