Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nathan's First Halloween

Nathan's first spooky day passed without too much excitement. We both had to work yesterday morning and it marked his first day with a babysitter - I do not count day care as babysitting...This was the first time someone came to the house and watched him that was not related to us and costs a lot more that his day care providers! We had a lovely young lady come to the house to watch him and it went well. He is such a go-with-the flow kind of kid.
The rest of the day-evening Trace spent seeing emergencies, so Nathan and I headed to clinic's receptionists for a look at their haunted house. Josie and her husband, Chris, did an amazing job of setting up a small walk through haunted house. It was awesome, and I think Nathan is the perfect age because he wasn't scared, just intrigued by what was going on around him. We stayed for a little while and helped hand out candy, our house never gets trick-or-treaters and it was too fun, we just wish daddy could have joined us!
This is just before we left, Nathan is forever trying to pull off his socks and shoes, and he could not figure out how to get these tights off, it was very frustrating for him!
Josie, Chris and Nathan outside the haunted house...I should have got a picture of the graveyard on the other side - there were about four to six graves with skeletons crawling out...They went all out! Josie was the game of Twister and Chris was a murder of some type.
The butler.The scary man that would take his face off...


Mendy said...

So cute!! Love the spider idea!

Amy said...

What an interesting day! Nathan's costume is really cute!

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