Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Flavor of the Week

Nathan started veggies about two weeks ago. I started with the orange color family...I am trying to either make his food or buy organic. His first taste was sweet potatoes, then butternut squash, and carrots. All of these he loves, he devours 2 oz feedings in minutes.

This week we moved on to the green family. It is difficult to find organic produce in my neck of the woods and Wal-Mart is not the mecca of organic baby food. My mom brought me some frozen veggies from Whole Foods, so I whipped up some sweet pea puree this morning. Nathan is NOT a fan, I even tried to lessen the blow of a new taste by mixing in some sweet potatoes.


Amy said...

Green veggies never get the rave reviews the others get! At least he likes some of them.

Sweet Simplicity said...

These faces are hilarious!!

kidfoodie said...

Your baby is so beautiful! and hilarious. I use to help me find great foods to introduce to my baby.
Happy eating!

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