Friday, May 29, 2009


As in New Kids on the Block, of course!

A change has come to the farm...the death of B Bob, our favorite cow, solidified the fact the we are not meant to be in the cow-calf business. So, my entrepreneurial husband decided that feeder calves would be our new venture.

We added 11 new members to our humble farm last week. They will remain here, being fed, until the fall at which time they will head back to the sale barn. I am excited, I hope it works out the way we plan.
These are the twins, they are the most friendly of the bunch.
Trace feeding.
Nathan in the jogging stroller with the crew in the background.

Wyatt trying to herd.

Nathan caught sight of himself in the side mirror and loved it!

We are in the pasture here, not on main roads...

Sorry about the spacing, I am not sure what is wrong.


Amy said...

Good luck with the new adventure! The picture of Nathan in the mirror is precious!

Sweet Simplicity said...

That mirror picture is so cute!Blogger and I have been having some issues with spacing too.

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