Thursday, October 2, 2008

Slackers... sorry!

To the hundreds of people that read the blog we apologize for not updating. Whatever! Trace has worked on a sidewalk project for a couple of weeks.

What do you think?

Some before shots

And after

And after the work, Wyatt must rest!

On a baby note, there are only 47 days left until his expected arrival. We had the final childbirth class this week so we are supposed to be prepared. Right? We will update with the nursery changes and Sarah's expanding waistline....soon.


Sweet Simplicity said...

That was quite the project! It looks great! You guys are slackers...pick up the pace! :)
I want to see pics of the nursery.

Amy said...

Yes, I check the blog everyday! You will have to be a lot more diligent when Nathan arrives because we will want to see pics often!

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